CajuBrasil is the premier brand under the Fogo Activewear repertoire and is taking Brazil and even the world by storm!

Their products are sold in over 27 countries world-wide, fulfilling their passion which aims towards providing quality products to women in the total spectrum of the healthy living lifestyle. The products are expertly crafted with high quality patterns made of innovative, new-age, technologically superior fabric with properties such as UV protection, thermal equilibrium, compression, bio-stimulation, ease in perspiration, resistance, double-durability, lightness and overall functionality for movement.

Cajubrasil are also known for their exclusive and unique prints and each piece is unique and truly a masterpiece developed for customers. Perfect for lady who wants to stand out and make a statement! This incredible brand embodies everything that Fogo Activewear is passionate about, which is inspiring confidence with functional style in every woman who will dare to shine! Check lower down for some info on their stunning Winter Energize Collection!!


CAJUBRASIL Energize Winter Collection

The current Cajubrasil products available in the Fogo activewear catalogue are some pieces of the Energize Winter Collection.

This collection is aimed towards capturing the energy of nature and takes inspiration from the rocks, the wind and the sun. The theme was inspired by the magic of natures that comes from the tones of green that represent nature, to the tones of blue that represent sky, the red and orange from the sun and pink from flowers. It’s all about the energy of colour and texture with the use of floral, foliage, geometric , movement and light explosion prints. Some fabrics are slightly shiny with velvety aspect and soft touch, some with sheer cut-outs for maximum breathability and some with technological fabrics that offer sun protection and waterproof properties. Meet the energy, energize yourself with CAJUBRASIL!