What is Fogo Active Wear

FOGO means FIRE in Portuguese and fire means passion, a word often associated with the active and health-conscious. Passion for fitness, passion for health, passion for aesthetics, passion for life! We understand that every self-loving, active and passionate woman deserves not only activewear that is functional and robust, but also stylish enough to make a statement! Bringing this kind of functional style to the active community of South Africa in the form of fiery, Brazilian flair is our passion, our fogo! All the pieces in our catalogue are carefully selected, exclusive and high-end, premium quality brands, imported from Brazil. Our premier brand is none other than Cajubrasil, one of the best and most popular brands in Brazil and possibly the world!

Boasting bright colours and unique sexy styles and prints in materials that are robust, functional and of the highest quality. Currently we are representing some pieces of the ‘Energize’ collection that Cajubrasil has on offer (read more under ‘about our brands’). We are super proud to be an official distributor of this heavy-weight brand and are currently working towards incorporating more premium quality brands into our repertoire that encompass our vision of functional, fiery flair. Watch this space! Functional style is our game and exclusivity is our aim so we focus on limited items, with new ranges every few months. So what are you waiting for? Show your fogo with FOGO activewear!

Proud Distributor of

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